Our Strategy/ Methodology


Skilled Labour.

With a team of professionals, Marco Security Limited Provides security services both in commercial and residential premises. Our team is backed by skilled professionals with know-how and long experience in security services.

Technical Ability

Our operation is coordinated using Motor Vehicles, Motor Cycles and Modern Radio equipment for effective communication, supplemented with mobile phones where service providers have network.

Control room

Our control room is modern and is manned 24hrs. We also offer radio communication services to our clients so that in case of an emergency, guards are alert to have instant communicate to our control room and a backup dispatched to the area of distress.

We also provide doorbells, dog assisted patrols and computerized patrol monitors for easy patrols and cognition on request.


Supervision is done frequently to ensure cleanliness, courtesy, vigilance and combat readiness among our guards.  Supervisors also undergo one month special training on discipline.


Our guards are selected for their level of education and experience from the National Youth Service and from the other Kenyan populace.  They undergo a one month’s training before deployment to acquaint themselves with Security of clients’ assets, life and self-security.